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Providing consultation and execution for home technology projects. I specialise in powerful but discreet audio / visual systems, lighting systems, and home automation for new homes. If you have a project coming up that needs specialist advice and services I can make sure you achieve a great result- on time, and effortlessly.

My Philosophy

Let’s be honest – these systems aren’t cheap and if they don’t work or you can’t work them then it’s money down the drain. Over the years I’ve encountered many projects- large and small that don’t work, have been installed poorly, or the owner has been left with a Clearfile full of instructions on how to use it. This is unsatisfactory – I work hard researching installation, trialling products and reviewing my installation in your home to make sure I achieve a satisfactory result. I walk customers through how to use their system and I’m happy to give support once the project has finished.

Where to from here…

If you are interested in setting up a lighting, sound or control system in your house please contact me and we can meet to discuss the project. Also, feel free to contact me if your system isn’t working to your standard and I can drop by and take a look. I look forward to hearing from you.